Spring is a great time to start selling your home because many buyers start looking around for their perfect home when the weather is getting nicer.

If you want to sell your home this season, you should think about some of these things as you prepare:

There are more home sales in spring and summer because of factors like the warmer and more pleasant weather and finding a new home before the stress of summer and school starts up for families with children. 

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Remember to be mindful of more competition when listing your home for sale and price it right, even before you start anything. You’ll still make money because most offers coming in will be higher than your listing, especially with a lot of demand from buyers and the limited supply of homes. Scope out open houses in your neighborhood to get an idea of the competition, such as their features, design, and listing price.

Curb appeal is your secret weapon in attracting buyers because you will be selling a whole package, not just the house. Take your exterior to the next level by trimming your grass, cleaning the yard, and updating any outdoor décor like fences and mailboxes.

Since you want buyers to think of the memories and fun times they will spend on this property, bring the outside in by emphasizing your outdoor living area where they will be relaxing while their kids are in the pool and they have guests over for fun barbecue parties. You can even upgrade your outdoor living space like remodeling your outside deck or adding a fire pit if you have the time and money.

Having natural light in your home can help increase your vitamin D levels, help your mental health, and lower your electricity bill since you won’t use your light fixtures as much. Natural light can also help you with staging because smaller rooms can look larger and cozier if you use it effectively, especially since spring brings more natural light anyway, so let fresh air in and open those windows up in the morning. If you don’t have as much natural light, consider installing skylights or painting the eaves white to add brightness.

As the weather gets drier, in comes the heat and humidity, so you want to ensure that your home is comfortable and inviting by turning on your A\\C and setting the thermostat at a manageable temperature to fight the heat and show your HVAC system is working. Also consider having snacks and drinks for buyers to help them cool off after house-hunting and leave a lasting impression too. 

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Having your house for sale is an awesome opportunity to catch up on spring cleaning since your home should look inviting and clean for buyers. Consider starting to declutter your living areas and opening up space for buyers, taking more of a minimalist approach to decorating with less décor and furnishings. Your home’s environment, as well as highlighting its strong points, will be the most important factor in getting offers and higher offers.