According to the 2018 Home Staging Resource Survey, 85% of staged homes had been sold for 6-25% more than their unstaged counterparts.

Staging your home is worth the extra time, effort, and money because you will get more money in your pocket when it is sold, and you don’t have to spend thousands on new accessories and furniture that might detract from your home to make staging work. If you want your house to be sold at its true value, avoid making these staging mistakes. 

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Mistake #1: Hiding, not removing

While you might be tempted to hide the clutter in a guest room or closet, that won’t work if you’re staging your home for a showing because buyers look at space and storage when deciding on a house. Buyers will look at how much storage there is, so having your personal belongings in those closets is not a good look.

Decluttering should be at the top of your list when preparing for a showing. Make sure everything is clean and organized, and take the time to sell, donate, or discard things you don’t use anymore. You want to show potential buyers you have plenty of storage in your home.

Mistake #2: Flexing your collection

As much as you love those collections you put so much time and love into, most of them, especially your weirder ones, need to be locked away during staging. That taxidermy or gun collection can scare away potential buyers. Not only do these collections take up space, they also detract from the other features in your home that could soon be theirs.

Mistake #3: Overdoing the designing

Staging is supposed to make your home look amazing, but too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing. Don’t clutter up your home with excessive design because your buyers probably won’t be impressed. Instead, leave a lasting impression by keeping it as simple as possible with simple but elegant furniture and accessories. No need for any extra decorations or fake accessories like fake plants, flowers, or fruit bowls.

Mistake #4: Staging and scale

Sellers often don’t stage to scale because they think using smaller, lighter items makes it look like the house has more space, but it actually doesn’t. Some other examples of not staging to scale include decorating with items that are too small (just adds clutter), putting a huge sofa into a small room, or a small coffee table in a larger living room. With these examples in mind, using decorations and furniture that match the size of your home and putting them in the right place will make your staging even betterand staged to scale, but have you taken care of how your home smells?

Mistake #5: That forgotten smell

While you might have gotten used to odors, foul smells like pet smells, smoke, and food odors like fish can scare away potential buyers. To make matters worse, air fresheners or strong candles to try to mask the odor might scare away some buyers as well.

A pleasant but natural smell takes your staging from good to great. Keep your pets out of the house and clean out the litter box if you have any pets at home. Also, having another person like your real estate agent or a close friend smell your home can help you ensure your house smells good enough to bring buyers in. 

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Mistake #6: Not bothering to stage your home

“Staging is all about dressing the house up for sale. It’s about adding the small details: the lipstick, mascara and, for simplicity, a stunning, single strand of Tahitian pearls,” according to an article by The Balance. Not staging at all is even worse than any of these mistakes because the consequences cost more than spending a few dollars and a few hours to tidy and dress up your home. Staging can even take a property that wouldn’t sell at all and get it sold faster and at a higher price. If you can’t afford to hire a professional stager, your real estate agent can advise you on the staging process. Do your research and take this type of advice to heart to avoid those staging mistakes many make that could kill your home sale.